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Set up and workflow

Posted in 6502 by zzjames on January 23, 2013

The emulator is east enough to install, I’m using a text editor to write the code then select all + copy -> pasting it into the emulator, I’m not entering the line numbers when I type the code but I do have a text editor that shows line numbers. Just before pasting into the emulator I type NEW and press return then type AUTO and press return, now paste using the menu (using ctrl+v sometimes puts odd characters into the emulator)

if you’ve done everything right the line numbers shown in the editor will line up with the x10 numbers added by the AUTO command, i.e. line 1 will have a 10 infront, line 2 a 20 etc. this is important as sometimes in the basic code that sets up the machine code there can be GOTO statements which use the line numbers.

I do  this rather than type the code into the emulator directly so I have a reliable and portable copy of the source code and because sometimes I need to type # and ~ characters and the keyboard mapping to the emulator can be a bit off for special characters.

The downside is if you fix typos on the version of the code in the emulator, be sure to fix them in the text editor too. version control and all that.


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